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Deadspace Records Podcast: 4 and Some More

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Deadspace Records Podcast: 4 and Some More

Published November 26, 2011
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This is the home of the Bi-monthly Podcast for Deadspace Records. This show is called "4 and Some More" featuring Brett, Craig, Cory, Sandy and Jarrod. We will occasionally have special guests in studio as well as have live shows interviewing local bands. Funny, raunchy and raucous!
Email us and tell us we suck at:
You can also find us on facebook and twitter (@4andsomemore) for all the latest news and info and show announcements.

Episode 1: Beginnings
The first of many. We discuss Obsidian Throne, Spinal Tap Moments, video games, and a special interview with the Governator!
Mid Show Song: Obsidian Throne-Snowblind
Death Metal Poetry Corner: Death-Leprosy
Beers Reviewed-Firemen No. 4 Blonde Ale, Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

Episode 2: Limp Cobra Destroyer
We discuss music from our youth, embarrassing music we listen to, we review Limp Bizkit's Gold Cobra, piracy and we harass a wayward member on a date.
Mid-Show Song: Godslaughter-Godslaughter
Beers Reviewed-Harpoon Chocolate Stout, Moose Drool Brown Ale.
Special Guest: Jarrod Butler

Episode 3: Korn on the Table
We discuss the Metallica/Lou Reed Collab LULU. Teenage tomfoolery, Thai boys, drunken escapades, double standards, Gay chicken, and we review Korn's new Dubstep styled Sanctuary.
Mid Show Song-Ghost-Elizabeth
Intro/Outro-King Diamond-No Presents for Christmas
Beers Reviewed-Moose Drool Brown Ale, Old Speckled Hen, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
Special Guest: DP

Episode 4: Icey Morbid Rainbows
All 4 of 4 and Some More are in studio and we discuss X-mas, band line up changes, skanky leg, Morbid Angel's new album, the metal rooster, the Usher goat, and handguns.
Beer Reviews: Rahr and Sons Winter Warmer, Shiner Double Wheat 102
Intro Song: Ween-Rainbow
Mid Show Song-Iced Earth-Equilibrium
Special Guest: Jarrod Butler

Episode 5:
Another week another podcast! We discuss the definition of Santorum, inappropriate teacher/student relationships, Pang Fu, competitiveness in the workplace, disturbing movies, and the Insane Clown Posse.
Beer Review: Rahr and Sons Buffalo Butt, Wild Blue Blueberry Lager
Intro Song: Devin Townsend Project-Universe in a Ball!
Mid Show Song-Machine Head-I Am Hell (Sontana in C#)
Song Review-The Atlas Moth-Perpetual Generations
Outro Song-Strapping Young Lad-Love?
Special Guest: Dennis

Episode 6: Big Jake Procession
Jarrod becomes an official member of 4 and Some More and we discuss felching, elephant sized vibrators, stupid state laws, the Speedwalking Clap Taco, SOPA and PIPA, Meshuggah, Norwegian Black Metal and Islam.
Beers Review: Purple Haze Beer, Sapporo Japanese Beer.
Special Guest: Cristina
Intro Song: Lamb of God-Ghost Walking
Mid Show Song-The Funeral Procession

Episode 7: Top 5 Gryn Positions
Craig returns and we discuss the new Obsidian Throne Record progress, more stupid Texas Laws, ridiculous sex positions, the whole crew loses it during Death Metal poetry corner, and the infamous dick dildo.
Special Guest: David Sikora of Obsidian Throne
Intro Song: Tom Waits-Chicago
Mid Show Song:Of Oak-The Depths
Sandy's Shitty Song Reviews:

Episode 8-Baby Zombie Feces
In which we return after a long hiatus and discuss zombies, babies, feces, idiots in the news, the epitome of metal and craig's sexual exploits.
Special Guest-DP aka Cinderblock
Intro Song-Greenskeepers-Lotion
Mid Show Song: Amorphis-Crack in the Stone
Sandy's Shitty Song Review-Fallen Sentinels :RAED; Die Antwoord-Enter the Ninja
Outro Song: Meshuggah-Do Not Look Down

Episode 9-Party Puke Conjuration
A Surprising revelation regarding one member of 4 and some more, we discuss blumpkins, militant customers, a death metal Poetry corner featuring Cattle Decapitation's Testicular Manslaughter and reminiscing about parties with very tragic endings.
Beer Reviews: Singha, Franzenskaner Hefeweisen, Shiner Ruby Redbird, Guiness Black Lager, Michelob Lager
Special Guests: Andrew McCollough, David Sikora, DP (David Parsons)
Intro Song: Lonely Island-Jizz in my Pants
Mid Show Song: Keith Merrow-Spice Dealer
Sandy's Shitty Song Review-Acyl-Ungratefulness
Outro Song: Opeth-Grand Conjuration

Episode 10-Drunk Mexican Terminator
Where we get the giggles, say goodbye to a close friend that passed away, talk to Ahnuld and his half brother Juan and we incur several podcast penalties.
Beer Reviews: Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale, Henry Winhard's Private Reserve, Buffalo Bill's Strawberry Blonde Ale
Special Guest: Mexican John, DP
Mid Show Song: Overkill-Bring Me the Night
Sandy's Shitty Song Review:In Morning-From a Tidal Sleep
Outro Song: Denis Leary-Asshole

Episode 11-Semiauto Roadhead Vomit
The fagnificent 4 return for another sold out show, learn some new sex positions, horrible date experiences and a death metal poetry corner featuring Cannibal Corpse's I cum blood.
Beer Reviews: Leffe Belgian Ale, Magic Hat #9, Rahr's Blonde Lager
Special Guest: DP
Mid Show Song: Godseed-Alt Liv
Sandy's Shitty Song Review: Carbon Based Life Forms-
Outro Song: The Beatles-Why Don't We Do It in the Road

Episode 12-Metallic Rectal Relapse
Where we discuss twin penis linkage, scared shitless moments, formative music tastes, rectal prolapses and have another death metal poetry corner with Carcass's Excreted Alive and a game of would you rather...
Beer Reviews: Real Ale Lost Gold IPA, Coney Island Albino Python, Avalanche Amber Lager, Real Ale Phoenix Double ESB.
Special Guest: Andrew McCollough, Nathan
Mid Show Song: Animals as Leaders-Behaving badly
Sandy's Shitty Song Review: Stone Sour-Absolute Zero, Halestorm-Misery
Outro Song: Meshuggah-Futile Bread Machine

Episode 13-Homo Quiz Bucket
Where we discuss our first beers, the first times we got smashed. introduce a new game, and a classic rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.
Beer Reviews: Real Ale Devil's Backbone Tripel, Adelbert's Tripel B, Rahr Regulator, Rahr Stormcloud, Session Lager, Rogue Irish Style Lager, Jester King Black Metal Beer, Lobotomy Bock, Franzenskaner Hefeweisen.
Special Guest: DP
Mid Show Song: Whitechapel-Murder Sermon
Sandy's Shitty Song Review: John Scofield
Outro Song: Lonely Island-No Homo

Episode 14-Eastern Slant Brewery
Jarrod makes his triumphant return to 4ASM, and we discuss horrible beers, manly beers, a death metal poetry corner featuring Deicide's Confessional Rape, another round of our new game
Beer Reviews: Duckrabbit's Milk Stout, Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, Honey Brown Lager,
Mid Show Song: Galneryus
Sandy's Shitty Song Review: Babymetal-Megitsune; Exo-K-Mama
Outro Song: Asian Girl

Episode 15-Freemasoning Feminist Lumberjacks
Brett, Jarrod and Cory return for an all new 4 and Some More after a 2 year break to talk freemasonry, feminism and being problematic, and glorious, glorious beards. Also, musical instruments as well. Recorded live via google hangouts. Video may be coming soon.


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